Pozitive technologies is a new initiative co-organized by more than 10 IT companies from Poznań in cooperation with the city of Poznań. It does not focus on any specific branch of knowledge or industry. Instead, it offers a variety of topics, a high-level look at what best Poznań has to offer in terms of information technology. It’s a showcase of Poznań’s high-tech ecosystem and a step towards creating a future platform for exchanging knowledge and best practices. …

A lot of “5 whatever” techniques in my life lately. On postmortems we started using 5 whys to help us find out what went wrong and from The 100x Engineer I learned about 5 reallys as a tool to verify what we actually need when we think we need something. Today I thought of another one — 5 OKs.

I was on a walk with my younger daughter Heni (that’s her name now. Previously she was “Refreshing Water” and I was… “Dry Sand” :/ but that was a long long time ago. Like last week or something. Now she moved…

Radomir Wojtera

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