“RadonEye, The world’s first Real-Time Smart Radon detector for homeowner has succeeded in communicating with Amazon Eco.”

RadonEye, The world’s first Real-Time Smart Radon detector for homeowner has succeeded in communicating with Amazon Eco.

Based on their excellent technology of electro-physics, RadonFTLab has announced that it succeeded in connecting the radon gas detector, RadonEye to Amazon Eco. RadonFTLab, the only company in Korea which has a technique to make the smart radon gas detector and real time radon sensor.

As being connected IoT and artificial intelligence secretary technology to ‘RadonEye’, RadonFTLab set the system that people can easily check the indoor radon gas level.

Radon is an invisible, odorless and tasteless gas. Every soil, underground water and construction materials can be the source of Radon. If a human is exposed to radon gas for long while, there is a high probability of lung cancer even if he is not a smoker.

In Korea, a news program about ‘Radon plasterboard’ was on TV in 2014. Since then public’s interest on Radon gas has been picked up.

The Korean Ministry of Land submitted the opinion that building materials should be regulated. Along with, Korean Ministry of Environment has recommended that constructor who wants to start construction a building for more than 100 families, should measure the indoor air quality and disclose it to the public.

As the architectural style that emphasizes energy efficiency like Passive House develop, the danger of indoor radon gas is getting bigger. EPA(United States Environmental Protection Agency) has set the specific standards of radon gas level to promote public safety.

Here’s the mention of Jaejun Ko, CEO of RadonFTLab who achieved the world’s first real-time radon sensor connection to Amazon Eco successfully-

“Measuring hazardous materials of our environment and aggregation of the data is really crucial topics in the age of IoT technology. It would be increasing the quality of our life. We will strive to develop the smart sensors like ‘RadonEye’ and become the world’s top technology maker.”

‘Radon Eye’ RD200, a real-time radon gas detector

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