“RadonFTLab from South Korea will roll out their GREAT Radon Sensor technology at the Sensors Expo 2017”

“RadonFTLab from South Korea will roll out their GREAT Radon Sensor technology at the Sensors Expo 2017”

Sensors Expo is the biggest convention of sensors, and it’s the first time that Korean radon sensor manufacturing companies are participating. Radon is a radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer. The Ministry of Environment for South Korea designated radon as the first-grade carcinogen in 2015.

EPA (United States Environment Protection Agency) reported that 21,000 related lung cancer death, have been connected to radon gas exposure. It is mandatory to measure and report the radon gas levels during all real estate and house transactions.

Radon is odorless, colorless and tasteless radioactive gas, so it is notoriously difficult to measure. Conventional detectors have failed on real time measurement. The prices of professional radon monitor are as expensive as 9,000 dollars per unit, Which makes it prohibitively expensive for consumers.

Recently, a simple measuring instrument has appeared on the market. But, it takes more than 24 hours to display the results, and the accuracy rate of that is poor because it is affected by temperature and humidity.

However, FTLab has solved the existing problems, with their radon detector RadonEye, which has adopted the ionization chamber measurement system. It can present the results in just 10 minutes, and it has 10 percent plus-minus accuracy. Above of all, the price is extremely reasonable.

Through this exhibition, it will be introduced to the United States, which is the main breakdown of the radon measurement.

In line with the IoT trend, FTlab has succeeded in connecting the RadonEye to Amazon Eco. As being connected IoT and artificial intelligence secretary technology to it, RadonFTLab set the system that people can easily check their indoor radon gas levels. RadonEye is expected to attract the public eye in the Sensors Expo 2017.

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