Six months ago I took on a role of a JavaScript developer in a team building a React Native app. I’ve been building web sites and applications for 12 years before that, using both vanilla JavaScript and frameworks extensively, including React for the last 2 years.

In this article I summarize how developing with React Native compares to developing with web technologies in the browser based on my impressions for this half a year, and what you can expect if you decide to get deeper into the native world.

View Layer — from DOM to Native Components

The first striking difference between React Native and web development is…

I failed to update my Front-End knowledge for the past couple of months (OK, I admit that for some aspects it could be years). But then I ended in a situation to be the one responsible for starting a new SPA project from scratch. So this was a good opportunity to take some time to see where the Front-End development is moving into. Here is my thoughts on what is important to know in 2017.

React is Here to Stay

React + webpack + EcmaScript 6 with Babel still seems to be the tools of choice for most of the new projects. To have a…

Update 2019: I wrote this article when the availability of front-end tools was overwhelming and setting up a toolchain required significant knowledge. As Babel and create-react-app are the go-to mature solutions now, I don’t necessarily agree with everything I have written here.

The JavaScript environment seems like a scary place these days. People with bare to moderate level of understanding of JavaScript and front-end engineering share articles just to make fun out of it. If you take them seriously, then you will likely give up starting a new application from scratch before even trying. …

Radoslav Popov

JavaScript Developer, specializing in creating custom JavaScript apps.

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