And so it begins…

After much time of mind tugging back and forth, here we are. You and me, sitting here with a novel blog entry between us. I’ve finally decided to share a little more piece of myself to you, reader. Hello!

I’m not quite sure why that is but I’ve gone on a relatively minimal route towards social media in the recent years. Consider yourself lucky as you were saved from the forever growing selfie album and the crazefest that is better off bound to the 24- hour limitation brought to you by Snapchat. If there’s anything I regret doing, it’s collecting all my unforgettable escapades and let them sit in an album along with random screenshots of forgotten interests (You know, the ones you don’t remember ’til you eventually get to them again? If you’re anything like me, you know what I’m talking about).

Now, that’s why I’m here. I’m taking advantage of the leniency blogging can offer regardless of my ability to english. Haha. I’ll let you in on the most local of my explorations to the distances air flights can take me. I can’t promise the same breathtaking experience in photographs or words but updates will be available from time to time.

Stay tuned for the latest NY trip with the fambam(and pies) using my handy- dandy Instagram account for blog “notifications.”

Much love, my friends. — ruthie

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