Benefit Spotlight: 6 months free with Reamaze

Reamaze is a simplified helpdesk platform designed with agile and growth-oriented businesses in mind so they connect and engage with customers on a personal level. The platform supports multi-brand, which means you can run multiple businesses using one account, and integrations for unlimited email inboxes, knowledge bases, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even Live Chat channels. A wide variety of features in Reamaze are also fully embeddable for your site or app so customers can interact with businesses seamlessly through a tailor made experience.

There are no useless ticket numbers, no weird customer login portals, or complicated setups in Reamaze. Nothing confusing for your team and definitely nothing confusing for your customers. The entire platform is simplified so you can get up and running quickly and start generating meaningful conversations.

You can redeem the deal here if you’re an Alpha member and get 6 months of Reamaze for free. Just sign up through the URL and your account will automatically adjusted to reflect the F6S benefit. Please allow 1–2 weeks for the adjustment to come through.