Romania is not the land of the poor_
Gabriel Morin

Indeed, I’ve been trying to outline the same points to people in Romania with not much success. And it’s not surprising. Romanians are still not happy with their country for good reason.

While a growing and strong middle class has began to form and you can clearly see all the Malls and Hypermarkets filled to capacity in most weekends.

However much of Romania is still poor, the big cities are making giant leaps but no one is feeling too optimistic because the rural areas are very far behind.

As you say, I believe we can overcome the problems that we have, I feel fortunate to have been born in Romania, I know of no other place where my professional development could have happened better (I’m a web developer).

But for everyone to see this, we need to expand the know how we obtained in the IT industry to other industries, and most of all, we have to believe in ourselves.

Recent protests indicate we do.

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