You want to talk about the ills of government interference, ok then… lets start by doing away with…
Dustin Briscoe

How can you possibly be reading my comments and think I’m against Net Neutrality?

You Dustin are a great example of my point. You hang your whole argument on the fact that Congress did SOMETHING.

My point is that the SOMETHING they did was BAD and does NOTHING toward the aim of Net Neutrality. Congress gave FULL REGULATORY CONTROL over the internet to the FCC when they should have, instead, passed a bill that states clearly that NOBODY may slow down or speed up or hinder or hamper ANY internet traffic. They could have easily created a bill that clearly codifies Net Neutrality and been done with it. I believe Obama would have signed it and it would have been a HUGE WIN for Net Neutrality!

Instead they took the opportunity to grow government into another realm of our lives and claim regulatory control over the internet. It’s bad, It’s scary and I’m worried, and instead of being “Yay Government!” you should be too.

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