I’m all for students and new devs saving money however they can.
Eric Elliott

I’ve been looking at the New Razer Blade (Stupid Razer calls their old laptop and their new laptop the same thing so be careful)

Build quality seems mac-like and the specs are awesome. Maxes out at 32GB and 1TB SSD; with the fully maxed out version going for $2700. They also offer a sweet docking station for an extra $499.

The specs are great and the build quality looks spot on, but it’s a bit of a smaller company and that causes me a little concern. I’d love it if Dell or HP — Or heck, even Apple — would buy them.

What would the world be saying if Apple had released that exact laptop with the Razor Core as an option, as the new Macbook Pro and named their current new-line as the Macbook and Macbook Air? I think we’d all be very excited.

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