Farewell, Astro Digital!

“I’m not afraid of dying I’m afraid of not trying” — Jay Z

Today February 24th 2017, is my last day working at Astro Digital (Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad). A lot of hope and an unshakeable tingle in my hands. The faces and freedom that will be missed. And while I wondered what would happen if I decide to stay, I also can not wait to see what comes as a result of this decision. This is the best time for me in order to achieve my dreams.

Going into UX Design was kind of crazy. Since joining the company in late 2014, it challenged me in countless ways. I was terrified, excited, and constantly questioned my decisions. However, now that I’ve seen another world — psychological-business design.

A great leader who bring me to another level. Yes my level 57 is unlocked!

I really like working on digital products and have an undeniable passion for processes and user experience. I’ve been design, creating problems and solutions, and applying different methodologies to communicate and successfully build consumer applications. I am infinitely grateful for this experience and the personal growth I’ve experienced here. I’d like to expand on what I’ve learned by speaking more, coaching product/engineering teams and consulting with clients/stakeholders that need design strategy.

I need to find something new, something that brings out the best in me, again.
A part of User Experience & Design team.

Astro Digital has been a great place to develop, learn and interact. The company has given me an incredible opportunity and unparalleled autonomy. I wouldn’t be where I am today, if it weren’t for the company’s trust and belief in me. As for me, I will always be a proud Astrolite.

Thanks for everything Astro Digital!

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