Blog Update #1— Something, Something, Something, Dark Side.

Despite what the title says, this blogpost isn’t going to be about Star Wars. Not that it would surprise most of you, as it is among the top 5 things I talk about at any given time. This is simply an introduction. An introduction to a blog. My blog. Surprise!


Ah, well. I’ve been meaning to do this for some time now, and my dear friend Joey O’Kelly inspired me with his own posts on this website. I’m using this site, this blog, to better myself in my writing skill and to make a record of all that happens in my life. It’ll definitely be a fun thing to look back on when I get older, so why not give it a shot?

I won’t make this some long, exhausting post about me and what I like and the experiences I’ve had. That’s what this blog is for. I hope to reveal more and more to everyone that reads as time goes on, but here are the basics:

  1. My name is Rae. Some of you know me from school as Adam, or Emily. Rae is my chosen name because of the gender neutrality is has. Adam felt too masculine and Emily too feminine. Rae is just right. I haven’t really decided on a middle name yet, so if you’ve got any suggestions, feel free to let me know.

2. I’m a college freshman at MCC. I graduated a year ahead of my high school class and it’s possibly the best decision I ever made. However, I’m kind of bummed I won’t ever go to prom, but that’s okay with me. More freedom for me!

3. I like writing. Novels, screenplays, blogs (obviously) you name it. It’s a great outlet for stress and anger, two things I seem to have in abundance.

As I said, there’s more to me than those three facts, but as time goes on those facts will be revealed to you. My hopes are to post at least once a week on Sundays. I look forward to writing more for you guys.

— Rae Paeth