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Ideas and artwork should be shared. The ability to do so allows the public to receive new ideas, impulses, and inspiration — without which, would lead to a public discourse devoid of both new thought patterns and thirst for more knowledge, as well as a proclivity towards accepting things at face value. …

While I am no Urberliner, I have lived in this city for close to 8 years now, so I do think that gives me some legitimacy when it comes to talking about the changes that have been taking place in the city I call home

While many other cities in the western world are no strangers to the ways of gentrification, exponentially increasing rents, the upsurge of tourists, police crackdown on local left establishments, massive new development plans, and big business in favor of local and homegrown shops and restaurants have become an ever increasing reality for Berlin, a city whose ragtag anarchistic flair is slowly dying. …


Rae Tashman

photographer, writer and EIC of YEOJA Mag and Love From Berlin. Instagramming at @raetilly

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