Gish is a lot more than can be described in 250 words. Gish is about doing, about making. It’s about making connections with others, others in your area and around the world; it’s about fun projects and ideas to get your creativity flowing and your brain working, your thoughts racing, the hamster on the wheel in your head sprinting. It’s about doing, about connecting with your community and spreading good, about doing things for others, about spreading kindness and happiness and joy and weirdness. A big part of Gish is being weird. It’s aboout being unapologetically you, about sharing your loves and your interests, about living as your most authentic self, even if that self is something you have trouble sharing because you feel embarassed or ashamed. Life has taught you these feelings but they’re wrong. Gish is about recognizing that you’re wonderful and fun and great, just as much so as everyone on your team, as every other team, as Misha and all the other people this hunt touches, and even those it doesn’t! It’s about sharing your skills and ideas and thoughts and hearts. It’s about sharing your love and your kindness and your energy and happiness; its about sharing you. Sharing parts of you that you didn’t think you could ever show to the light of day and sharing your laugh, both in the same breath. It’s about growing as a person and learning to love the parts of you that society taught you to hate, one step at a time, even if it takes 6 years of gish and a whole lot of help along the way. It’s about building lasting friendships and relationships, about strengthening relationships already established as you work together to spread kindness and goofy happy wonder throughout your community and the world. Gish is about happiness. It’s about kindness. Its about spreading good in a world full of selfishness and upset. Its about making the world a brighter place, one silly act at a time.