Excessive sleep disorder and 5 best ways to stay awake

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There are lots of issues we have to face in our daily life which can reduce our active energy. One of those issues is an excessive sleep disorder. There are lots of issues which can make us sleepy at the working hours of the daytime. Excessive sleepiness can reduce your active energy because of which we should try to keep our self awake. Here we are discussing some of the issues which can make us excessively sleepy during the daytime. Along with that, we will discuss some of the tips which can keep you awake for the day long.

Three most common excessive sleep disorders we have to suffer

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Narcolepsy is a very common type of excessive sleep disorder we have to suffer from. In this problem, the patients have to feel excessively sleepy in the odd time. This problem is caused because of decreasing orexin in the brain. Actually, narcolepsy is a neurological disorder. It can make one feel drowsy during the time of working.

Shift work sleep disorder is another type of excessive disorder. This sleep disorder is basically faced by those who have to work in odd hours. If you have to work at the night shift, then you may feel sleepy at the time of working.

Another excessive sleep disorder is obstructive sleep apnea. In this issue, the patients have to face breathing issues during the time of night sleep. This problem is suffered by the people because of the shortage of oxygen in the body because of which his or her sleep quality becomes poor. As they are unable to sleep at night, it may make them sleepy in the daytime.

These three are the most common types of excessive sleep disorders. There are various types of ways by following which you may able to stay awake even with these issues. Here we are discussing 5 best ways that can make you stay awake.

5 best ways to stay awake

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Move your body to keep yourself awake

When you are feeling sleepy while working or during the daytime, then you can have candy or take a short walk for 10 minutes which can make you feel energized. Actually, by having a candy bar you may feel energetic for a short span of time and after that, you have to feel tired. But by walking, you can feel energetic for a long period of time. By walking, you can pump oxygen through veins, brain, and muscles. Thus by doing this, you can be able to feel awake and active for the whole day.

Talking can make you feel awake

During the working hours, when you feel sleepy you can try to talk with someone which can make you feel awake. The conversation can make your mind moving. By talking with someone you can make your brain active again by which you can stay awake again.

Switch your tasks to motivate Your Mind

When you have to do one task for a long period of time which becomes monotonous and you may feel bored. Because of this, you also have to feel excessively sleepy. So at work, whenever you feel sleepy or bored, you should switch your activity. By switching your activity, you can feel active again. So you can try this trick also to stay awake.

Regulate Your Sleep Cycles by taking some sunlight

Sunlight influences our circadian which is capable of regulating our sleep cycle. So to keep our sleep regulated, we should try to spend at least 30 minutes in the sunlight and especially the morning sunlight is very effective for our body. You can even try to stay awake by breathing some fresh air.

Exercise to increase energy and reduce your fatigue

To combat day time sleepiness, doing regular exercise is the best way. From your busy life schedule, take at least 30 minutes and do some exercise which can boost up your energy level. Along with doing exercise, you should also take healthy meals which are rich in protein and carbohydrate. Thus by boosting up your energy level, you can stay awake and active for the whole day long.

These are some of the best tips which can keep you active and awake for the whole day long. Along with that, to stay awake and active, you also can take the help of smart drugs. There are different types of smart drugs are available in the market. To keep us awake, smart drugs stimulates the neurotransmitters in the brain. Thereby they increase the numbers of dopamine which is known as wakefulness-promoting neurons. So to stay awake you can take the help of smart drugs also to keep yourself awake and active. Modvigil is one of those smart drugs which is very effective. You can try it as your smart drug.

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