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What is acute pain?

We have to suffer from pain frequently irrespective of age and sex. There are lots of causes of our pain. Different types of pain we have to suffer from in our day to day life. Considering the time span, there are two types of pains occur in our body which are chronic pain and acute pain. Among those, chronic pain is a long-lasting pain that bothers us more than 6 months and sometimes for a lifetime. Acute pain is a temporary but short-termed pain that is in our body for 3 to 6 months. It is also defined as a pain that is directly related to soft tissue damages like a sprained ankle or a paper cut. This type of pain attacks you in a very sudden way. To treat this pain, you should take the help of the doctor. As a painkiller, the Soma pill is best in treating acute pain.

Cause for acute pain

You cannot find out the definite cause for your acute pain. An acute pain sometimes can be the symptom of other diseases like influenza. Psychological trauma also can be the cause of your acute pain. When someone has to go through medical surgery, then also an acute pain may occur. But most of the time, injury is the cause of our acute pain.

Soma pill: An introduction

Previously I have mentioned that the Soma pill is very effective in treating acute pain. This painkiller is available in the market since 1960 which is a brand of carisoprodol. In the Wallace laboratories, during the 50s, carisoprodol was developed by Dr. Frank M Berger. This carisoprodol is actually a muscle relaxer and it is in the Soma pill as the active ingredient. As a painkiller, the Soma pill cannot cure your pain, yet it can help you to get quick and temporary but effective relief from pain. There are lots of benefits offered by this amazing painkiller. Now we will discuss the benefits offered by the Soma pill.


As a painkiller, the Soma pill is very effective by temporary relief from pain. Especially it is best in treating acute injury pain. You can get quick relief from your injury pain with the help of the Soma drug.

The active ingredient of the Soma pill is Carisoprodol that is known as a muscle relaxer. So when your muscles are tired, you can try the Soma pill to relax your muscles.

When we take a painkiller, we take it to get effective and quick relief from pain. But not all the pain meds are capable of offering us quick pain relief. Soma pill can offer us relief from pain within 30 minutes.

You can use the Soma pill as your daily painkiller as its effects are mild. But doctors prescribed this medicine for 3 weeks only to use.

The working mechanism of Soma pill for treating pain

We feel the pain when the pain sensation reaches the brain through the nerves. So when we take a painkiller, to offer us relief from pain, it stops the pain sensation through the nerves. Soma pill follows the same mechanism as a painkiller. To stop the sensation of pain, it blocks the ways of perceiving pain. Aspirin, codeine, and carisoprodol these three are key ingredients of this painkiller among which carisoprodol is the active one. So it plays the main role in blocking the ways of perceiving pain by stimulating the neurons in the central nervous system. When the sensation of pain is unable to reach the brain it cannot send the pain signals to the body parts. Then we don’t have to suffer from irritation of body pain. This is the working mechanism by following which Soma pill get effective relief from pain.

Soma Dosage

Soma dosage should be taken properly if you want to get effective relief from pain. Doctors recommend taking Soma dosage from 250 to 350 mg 3 to 4 times a day or in bedtime. This painkiller should not be consumed for more than three weeks. It is best if you use this amazing painkiller under the observation of a doctor.

How to take Soma pill

Soma pills should be taken as a tablet with water when you feel the pain in your body.

Soma tablets should not be taken by making powder and inhaling or mixing it with water and then injecting.

The patients with liver or kidney disease or porphyria should avoid taking this painkiller.

When you are using this painkiller, you should avoid the consumption of alcohol.

Soma pill should is not for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding moms.

Soma pill is not for those whose age is more than 60 or less than 16 years.

This is all about the Soma pill as a solution to the acute pain. Use it in the proper way and get a pain free life.

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