The Sanctification of White Pussy
Tuhina Verma Rasche

It’s taking me a minute to fully understand your letter. I have been heartened by the massive response to women’s shedding the guilt and hopelessness of the secrecy and ignorance around their experiences with sexual assault. What I understand better now is that the compounded insult of racism has been even more isolating, especially if the perpetrators were ‘white.’ Please be aware that it is not just because I’ve wanted to be ‘liberal’ that I have stood and fought against racism and for the rights of ‘brown’ and ‘black’ people all my life. It is the horror of having to struggle against the stupidity and cruelty of living as a ‘less than’ valued human being than anyone else. All shades of women have responded to the request for stories of their first sexual assaults. Thank you for showing how this has been compounded for women of color. Let us add our stories in solidarity with all women.

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