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So recently I made the decision to join #TheGHive and I have to say I am extremely excited. For those of you who are not familiar with the GHive, let me give you a little information: The GHive is a group created by Mia Ray where everyday women experience wealth, wellness, beauty and the Glam-Aholic Lifestyle. This group is basically a support group for an elite squad of ItWorks! Distributors.

Since I joined the GHive, I have been extremely motivated and encouraged to take my entrepreneurial journey to the next level. From the outside looking in, many people think that ItWorks! is a gimmick or a pyramid scheme. And if you’ve been spammed by an ItWorks! distributor, you may think its just a big joke.

Well if you’ve interacted with any member of the GHive, you know that we take a completely different approach to this ItWorks! game. We specifically train and actually use the products so we’re not telling you what we heard, we’re telling you what we know!

I am personally going to embark on the journey towards healthy, glowing skin and weight loss. I can’t wait until my products come in! I’m praying that I can find more women and men that are interested in embarking on this journey with me. Brand Ambassadors are definitely needed.

If you think you’re interested in joining the GHive or joining my personal #DreamTeam, Text RaeDAAR to (313) 473–9896 #BrandAmbassadorsWanted

If you are interested in purchasing products Text GlowUp to (313) 473–9896

I can’t wait to start hearing from people and making moves!

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