Every one wherever he goes and wherever he stays when he leaves leaves for others memories sometimes beautiful and sometimes painful Be careful what to leave.
Why I chose this picture and I know that it is not a good picture and do not have the required specifications, but it accurately reflects the situation that describes memories .
memories is a matter of intangible and therefore can not be taken to the image of the moral .
I have repeatedly wanted to delete this picture but there was a voice say Not to delete it .
yesterday I was surfing the Internet and there were some pictures or news awakening in my mind memories of which beautiful memories and painful ones , I asked that I surf the Internet not to awaken memories but to enter another world !? .
but after I saw this picture I understood why my subconscious mind was rejecting Delete This picture because he saw inside it an idea and here it's .
I want to thank you for allowing me to publish on your site and I can say that it is my first try to write a story or article in English and I hope you enjoy it .