The E-ink Writer I Hope You’ll Make
Brian Morykon

Yes! This is my exact device as well. And for me, it has more than just distraction-free appeal.

E-ink is CRITICAL to me. Over the last ten years I’ve developed severe eye-strain. I’m only twenty-eight, but my eyes just can’t take all this monitor usage. I’m an author and a digital illustrator. It’s my career and my passion, and these past two years I’ve hardly been able to work at all. I’ve tried many different monitors. Only my e-reader doesn’t make the problem worse.

I need this device. I’ve been writing companies for years. I’ve written to noteslate and reMarkable: “Why not add a keyboard?” I’ve written to freewrite, “Why not add the ability to edit?” I’ve written to Dasung’s Paperlike about their Chinese monitors, but $1,000 for a monitor from China with iffy reviews and no reliable tech support really wasn’t what I had in mind! And now they’re all entirely sold out anyway.

I’ve written other dreamers on Indiegogo. I’ve written my own articles on the subject. There are forums about this subject, and questions on Quora. The demand is here, the need is here. Where the hell is the blinkin’ product already?!

Thank you for adding your voice.

~ Raederle Phoenix