Being Interested than being Interesting!

Living in a world of fiction and glamour everyone loves to get fame and wanted to be loved. It’s human desire that people would love him and show interest in him. Everyone who shows love to others also wanted to be loved. When we show interest in a person then we create an attraction, he feels comfortable with us and can show up his inner personality and his feelings more gently. By showing attention towards a person he feels really more special and he can have a long conversation with you without any hesitation.

Meanwhile reading a book “HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE” by “DALE CARNEGIE”, I found a quite fascinating fact about our generation i.e we pay attention only to those people or companies in which we are being benefited or seeing our future benefits. This world is turning into a monopoly, if you want to attain something then you have to make efforts for that in different ways, you have to take out a suitable path to reach to your destination and then move step by step and taking on correct moves on each stage. Firstly show the people that you you are interested in them rather then merely being interesting, they don’t want to have a single side conversation in which you are just talking about yourself, they want to listen the things of their interest. Make them listen what they want; try to do some research on them, figure out their current situation and estimate the things for which they are looking for, show concern to them. Provide them a chance to see that you are taking on their responsibility. Once you are upto their expectations then put your proposal if you have any, bring your point on the table and at this stage you will have a bright chance to achieve your goal.

Moving into my practical life, I had many situations where I could see people wanted me to show interest in them, In such cases if I do so then they will pursue but if I don’t than they will move on. To be influential you should be interested, not interesting. Applying these things in my worldly life I learned that it actually worked. When I gave complete attention to a person, listened to him, took a note of his problems; tried to solve them, expressing care for him, making him feel comfortable, then he automatically found me interesting and became a good friend of mine. I laid strong foundation of many relations in this way and those all are successful and still progressing with a healthy pace.

Sometimes we have to just give away, more likely I would say that doing a job without salary or helping a person from that you will not have any benefit in the future, but the most important thing is that you will have a maximum chance to find a loyal friend. If you are able to make one loyal friend, then believe me you have achieved a milestone in your life, he will lift you up in your hard times and will always be there for your support. But again the thing is that show interest in them, listen to them, listen to their questions, try to solve their queries, make them feel that you care for them, you have a special place for them. It’s the only way to win hearts.

This life is too short, it’s just a blink of our eye, don’t waste it by having grudges in hearts or by competing to others. This world is full of nice people, If you can’t find one, be one. Try to help others, show interest in humanity.