Are you an introvert or extrovert? Contrary to popular belief, being an introvert does not mean you are shy or antisocial by default. Rather, think about introversion and extroversion in terms of your social battery. Introverts feel their social battery drain when they are around people for an extended time. On the other hand, extroverts tend to leave intense social interactions feeling energised.

In modern open-plan offices, extroverts may find themselves in their ideal environment. But introverts can feel drained with ongoing office chit-chat, intense discussions and spontaneous meetings. So, this one’s for introverts! …

Whether it’s in the office or at home, negotiations take place without you even knowing it. You could be convincing a date to try a new restaurant or sharing innovative ideas during a meeting. Becoming a better negotiator can help you reach your professional and personal goals.

It’s human nature to feel drawn to others that are similar to you in terms of your likes, experiences and beliefs. Leveraging similarities creates a basis for trust and emotional connection. So, if you’re reaching out on LinkedIn for career advice, drop a line to someone who attended the same college as you.

From Marie Kondo’s tidiness methods to podcasts on simple living, the minimalism movement is based on the idea that less is more. It’s living intentionally with only your necessities, to free up mental space and energy for what matters in your life.

In psychology, minimalism isn’t just about getting rid of your belongings. It’s a way of being. That’s why it looks different for everyone. The beauty of minimalism is that you get to take a look at any physical space and determine what’s important to you.

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Focus on one busy area of your life. Maybe it’s your office, your…

In today’s era of “treat yourself”, many people tend to spend their savings on stuff. From splurging on the latest iPhone to purchasing luxury furniture, buying stuff can make you feel good. But what about spending our savings on stories?

Researchers suggest investing in experiences, like trying a new restaurant with a loved one, rather than on tangible items, like clothing. Experiences have a longer-lasting effect on your happiness. Sharing new experiences with loved ones strengthens your relationships and brings you closer together. That way, your self-fulfilment and contentment increases over time! 📈

It’s human nature to become desensitized to…

When somebody wrongs us, it’s easy to replay that scene in our minds and commit to holding a grudge. It makes us uneasy and restless. But nearly everybody can benefit from becoming more forgiving. It doesn’t matter if it’s a major or minor grudge. Learning to forgive others boosts your own psychological well-being and physical health. What are common misconceptions about forgiveness?

Many people assume that forgiveness means letting the other person off the hook. But psychologists emphasize that forgiveness doesn’t have to require reconciliation with the other person. Rather, forgiveness is an internal concept. It occurs through your own…

Research shows that we can meaningfully attend to a limited number of people during any one time in our life. Our social networks have limits. Make the most of it.

Robin Dunbar famously researched the anatomy of human relationships. His most well-known finding: our social networks contain a maximum of 150 people. That doesn’t mean we can’t be familiar with others. But relationship-building with mentors, co-workers, friends, family and partners takes a great deal of our energy and time. Research suggests this is the number that we can meaningfully attend to at any one time in our lives.

And just…
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The sound of rain, the crash of waves and the chirping of birds… Immersion into nature is truly an antidote for stress and worry. People who spend an average of 2 hours a week in green spaces experience heightened levels of psychological well-being. It’s true, nature relieves your mental fatigue and boosts your creativity. But the benefits of nature don’t stop there. Nature has a profound impact on your physical health too. Studies show that within neighborhoods that prioritise greenery, residents have enhanced metabolic rates and fewer stress hormones circulating in their blood. …

This New Year brought with it many changes in our personal and professional lives. Some of us may be beginning new phases in our careers, balancing our to-do lists with our relationships, awaiting positive developments from the pandemic and more. Change is constant but unfamiliar territory can be scary. How can we best handle our mental health in moments of uncertainty?

For many of us, our minds jump straight to worst-case scenarios. And stay there. Visualising worst outcomes in situations may be a defense mechanism, but most of our worries actually don’t materialise. When dealing with uncertainty, psychologists suggest three…

Ahmed and Alex both don’t receive an internship offer they really want. Both of them feel disappointed. While Ahmed seeks advice about how to improve next time, Alex shuts down and decides to stop applying for internships altogether. He sees this rejection as proof of his incompetence. What makes certain people push through a challenge whilst others see it as detrimental?

Anybody can learn to develop resilience. Psychologist Susan Kobasa’s research spotted three key characteristics of resilient individuals. These are the three C’s of adversity: challenge, commitment and control.

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Foremost, those with a growth mindset have a fascinating ability to…

Rest and rejuvenation are essential parts of a healthy and balanced life. Our lives may be abuzz with deadlines, juggling emotionally-draining times and beginning-of-the-year goals. It goes with saying: the pandemic has certainly added a layer of complexity into our lives. Some of us are juggling demanding careers and taking care of our families whilst others are coping with grief, mental health disorders or supporting loves ones.

It might sound paradoxical, but these busy times are actually when it’s most important to remember rest and rejuvenation. When we rest well, we make fewer mistakes in our day-to-day schedules. …

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