It’s absolutely appalling that FBI Director Comey lays out the facts conclusively showing Hillary Clinton violated the espionage act and then have him say with straight face and somber tone that he does not recommend she be charged and prosecuted. It is appalling that a man whose sole task is to investigate and bring to justice “alleged” criminals sits on his fleece lined throne and flushes all of his values, principles, ethics and morals straight down the toilet — assuming he possessed them in the first place. And it is appalling that this man outright flouted our Constitution, our laws and everything we as a nation hold dear.

But as appalling as Comey is, he’s not the one that takes the cake. Not by a long shot. There is a long list of more appalling reprobates that stand in line before him, shouldering more of the blame and more of the responsibility for decimating the rule of law and ripping our Constitution to shreds.

The very next in line is our stellar President of the United States, Barack Obama. I guess it could be argued no one should really be appalled by Obama at this point. After all he is a serial “appaller”, meaning his “appallingness” has dwindled by the shear strength of the frequency of his “appalling” moments. You know, it’s kind of like getting used to terror attacks under Obama. But I digress.

Obama as president of the United States only has 2 jobs. The first and most important of which is to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution. He took an oath twice (albeit with his hand on a Koran) to do just that. For those who can’t remember the oath, here it is, “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” When I read this oath and think of Obama, what comes to mind is the scene from Blazing Saddles where the Bandito says, “Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges.” What else comes to my mind is that Obama is fundamentally responsible for both AG Loretta Lynch’s and Comey’s desertion and dereliction of duty. It is his call and he has indeed called the shots. Absolutely despicable.

The next in line to bear the shameful epitaph of “appaller” is the US Congress, certainly both the Democrats and Republicans, but predominately and overwhelming the Republicans. Why? Two reasons: 1) We know the Democrats march lock step with their Great Leader, Obama, and will not break form no matter if our Constitution lies in the balance and 2) we expect Republicans to uphold their oath, their solemn pledge, their duty to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution and they have egregiously, flagrantly, maddeningly done exactly and intentionally the complete and utter opposite. There is only one reason why Republican members of congress have failed in their sworn duty and it’s not because they are merely feckless (which they are) or cowards (which they are), it is because they care more about their personal power, their personal wealth and their personal futures than they do about our Constitution and our great country. They are scabs selling their souls to the devil all the while pretending they are decent, patriotic, upstanding servants of “ We, the people”. Rest assured Congress, led by the Republicans, will hold hearings, stomp and stammer, raise an outcry and loudly and heartily denounce the “above-the-law” actions of all involved, from Comey to Lynch to Obama. But rest even more assured, they will actually and pathetically do nothing about it.

However, the largest bearer of blame, the greatest appaller of them all is the Americans who support the lawlessness hewn by Obama and his lackeys and the Republicans and theirs. And unfortunately, this is a large number of Americans. I easily categorize every single Democrat that supports Obama or supports Hillary as a member of this group known as “The Greatest Appallers”. That’s just easy and obvious. And I just as easily place in this appalling group of appallers those who support the disingenuous, duplicitous, degenerate Republicans who lead and talk and propagandize a grandiose vision of righteousness but instead push and shove us toward the desert and abyss of “Unconstitutionalism”, where our Constitution does not and cannot exist. But I am not done. The biggest and greatest offenders, “appallers” if you will, of this group are those that support Trump.

Yes, that’s right. Trump supporters. At a time where we and our country literally stand on the precipice of existence as a Constitutional Republic with all its attached greatness, Trump supporters support Trump. Trump: a man who openly disdains our Constitution and the rule of law. Trump: a man that has no true appreciation of Country and for the principles upon which it was founded. Trump: a man who is unprincipled, directionless, and leads only by angry, venomous and mendacious soundbites all the while studiously avoiding real and substantive issues. Trump, the worst candidate possible to face Hillary and, in fact, the only Republican candidate that can and will lose to her. It is the Trump supporters that will bear the entire responsibility for a Hillary win and, as a result, a perhaps fatal blow to our Constitution and our country.


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