Sharing thoughts and learning things

Hi, my name is Rael and I’m a software developer, a real one. I said "real", not "rael", but "rael" too, ok, it’s not the point, you got it. Today I will start a new challenge, I want to share my thoughts and lessons learned through this blog and use this to improve my english skills. To be honest I’ve started this plan a lot of times, I believe I’ve written more blog platforms than posts, but you know, this time is different.

I came back with this idea because I have two problems:

  • I really like to write and share things related to my work, though I don't do this;
  • I'm trying improve my english skills for several years without success.

I believe that combining these two problems I can use the first one to help me with the second one. It's like divide and conquer algorithm, but totally different.

That's it! See you in the next posts! Wish me luck!

If you find some error, report me and I'll fix it. Thanks.