My Best Guy Friend/Brother

So, it’s 11 pm and I had writer’s block until my best friend gave me an idea. Now, his idea was a little interesting. He had suggested that I write about his previous year going through heart break after heart break. To where it got so bad he was wanting to do something he should not have wanted to do. His next words were “and he’s sexy”. So, I got the idea to write about why he is my best friend and what he means to me instead.

I believe that we had just begun to be real close friends in the 9th grade. I hadn’t really talked to in Middle School. I knew that he dated (at that time) a friend of mine. Then I had told him that “I like your face”. Which is how I’m guessing that we started talking. Through the past 2–3 years of us being friends. He has become my brother and my best friend. I know things about him that no one knows. He knows things about me that no one knows.

He has helped me through so many things. I’m grateful that I have him. If it weren’t for him, honestly, I would be dead. And thinking back on some things I’m glad that I’m not, because then if I was gone I wouldn’t be here to take care of him. He’s the one person that I can always depend on to be there for me. He can do the same with me. He’s always been there for me since day one.

He is a, shall I say, a special character. He does some things that aren’t exactly the smartest. He does some things that just make me want to go to his home and slap him with a hard pillow. There was one time that he had gotten into an “argument” with one of his other friends. His other friend which I will refer to as Izzy.

Now, their “argument” was over a girl. I was trying to get all of the information. I was texting Izzy about it and he was “complaining” about my best friend (Justin by the way) talking to this girl, and all that she has done. Then Izzy had gotten the bright idea to bring me into the argument. Saying that I was talking crap about Justin. Which I would never do because I’m not that mean.

Then, as soon as Izzy said that to Justin. Justin had said “After all the heartbreak and shit I’ve helped you with. You’re going to do this to me? F*** you” and left the conversation. At that moment I began to sob. Like really hard. I thought I had just lost my brother. After me freaking out they both told me that “It’s just a prank”. Then I was angry at both of them. Worse thing that you could do to me.

Making me think that I had just lost my best friend. I will never let that down or let them forget about how I felt about that. I love them both dearly, but sometimes I want to stab them. I know that’s violent, but it’s ok. They might deserve it one day.

Anyways, continuing on. Without Justin in my life, I would not be here. I thank God every night for having him in my life. If anyone ever threatens to hurt him. They had better watch out because they will end up being hurt and me being in jail. We don’t need that now do we?