Sexual Harassment

Ok, So I’ve been wanting to talk about this subject for awhile. Never could really figure out how to start it. Still don’t really, but that’s ok. Something has happened recently to one of my friends. She was sexually harassed at our school that we go to. I had been my first year in High School as well.

I had confronted the boy that had done it to her. He had basically told me that it was her fault. And that she brought it on herself. That he no room to be blamed for what happened. Now, I don’t get where some boys. And, no, I will not call them men. I don’t get where in their mind that they think it is ok to do this to women. Women never bring that kind of thing on themselves.

Then other peoples way of thinking “Maybe he did it, because of what you are wearing”. That way of thinking needs to go away. No women wants to bring that kind of pain onto herself. People who think that way need to get their heads out of their ass. Excuse my french.

You see my anger towards this subject is very strong. I have my feelings about a lot of things. This one in particular though, is something that I feel a complete hatred for. When a male does anything to hurt a woman I just build up a hate for that person. No woman ever deserves what a male does to them.

A woman never deserves to be abused. A woman never deserves to be raped. A woman never deserves to be treated wrong. No one wants to bring that kind of pain on them. I’m about to get to the whole point of this “rant”. Most of the males in our society see women as objects.

They view woman as if we are just a phone that you can buy and then get rid of the next day. Simply because there are plenty more out there. That is not the case here. What the group of males need to know. Is that women are pricless. They should be treated with care.

Women are not to be disrepected. Every single woman that walks on this Earth deserves to be cherished and loved. So, men the next time you think of a woman as being low and an object. I hope that you realize you are doing something horrible, because women are pricless. And they are a gift.