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Boo Hoo we are surrounded by childish, immature, little whiners. They took liberalism well beyond what the majority of Americans wanted or were ready for and they pushed too far. Now Americans are correcting their overreach and they are not happy about it. Sorry you don’t get your socialist utopia but it’s clearly not our way. That’s really all there is too it, no rocket science is involved. The idea of Donald Trump isn’t the issue really, it’s not that he is a great choice just that he is the opposite of one of them. And that’s what we wanted, someone who was not one of them. First it was Obamacare which if we are to be honest should really be called minority care. Then attacks on our religious institutions by insisting they fund abortions. Then Homosexual marriage. Then allowing the teaming hordes of illegals to swarm into our country like cockroaches when you turn on the light.Then circus clowns who decided tomorrow they are female being allowed into any restroom they wish around our wife’s and daughters. And let’s not forget Blackbama releasing drug dealers who sell poison to our kids because they are not violent. Which was really just a back handed way to give as many blacks as he could early releases. At every turn they attacked our way of life and then they are surprised people fought back? They are not delusional enough to actually believe the bullshit they spew about Americans across the board being ready for all these things. That’s just the lie they tell when they want to get another one of the items on their Socialist Agenda through. The saying goes. “If you tell a big enough lie, long enough people will start to believe it” And that’s exactly what they counted on. I have news for you LIBTARDS on the day of his INAUGURATION look up and there’s all the evidence you need to know we don’t all agree with you, and never did.