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What a load this is. He went someplace he was told up front his lifestyle choices were not welcome. He tried to force his repugnant behaviors off onto people he knew from the start did not share his beliefs. People who actually have morals and standards have rights to you know. You know why i spend a small fortune to send my two daughters to a (and here is the key word) “Private” Catholic School? So that they can be away from the illness and degradation that has corrupted our society. There is good reason they don’t attend the morally corrupt public schools(indoctrination centers) where socialist denizens inhabit the positions of authority and twist and distort reality to shape their socialist utopian ideals. The key to civilization is that people need to find some boundaries and follow them, everything can not be permissible, every behavior can not be okay. That is what destroys our society, prior to the SCOTUS gay marriage ruling a senator was mocked when he said soon these people will want to marry animals. Yet not one week afterward a sick twisted individual in my town sued for the very same right. Where does the sickness end? Any person who is capable of even a modest amount of honesty knows damn well there exists no constitutional right for gays to marry, hell there doesn’t even exist one for straight people to marry. Yet here we are, they just make up imaginary rights as they go along, anytime they want to press some morally repugnant concept suddenly there appears a new right. The prime example being social welfare in the start they tried to say the constitution afforded everyone the right to food, clothing and shelter that’s why they steal our money to throw away. Today it’s food, clothing, shelter, free educations for illegals, free healthcare, free cell phones and now free internet service. When does it stop? Pretty soon they will be telling us the constitution affords poor people the right to free ass wiping service, as it stands now we pay to do every fucking thing else for them.