#1 Nobody is thinking about you

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Sorry, mom, I’m not making any effort to find your future son-in-law.

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The secret was learning to embrace randomness

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It helps us take better decisions and be peaceful

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  1. My gallery filled with Pinterest motivational quotes
  2. Medium reading list with all my favourite self help writer’s articles
  3. Instagram feeds with daily life advice.

Hitting the pause button should help us take a break from this label fest

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The woes of unrequited love.

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#3 I am comfortable with being a part of the emotional circus

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“Rashmi, write anything you want as long it is not personal”

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Intuition is a form of knowledge that appears in consciousness without obvious deliberation.

It is not magical but rather a faculty…

Rashmi G

A lost soul | writes on Creativity and Mental Health Awareness It is a beautiful world out there and I want to learn as much I can about it

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