A Clean Canvas

How skin care is the first step to anything

Growing up I never had bad acne; I always had one or two pimples from eating to much candy or from my hormones being all out of whack. However I never relied on my genetics to keep acne breakouts in control. First thing every morning I wash my face with black African soap with oats. The oats help with the deep cleaning and the black soap is filled with ingredients that can help with deep cleaning along with taking all the dirty that is clogging my pore. Black soap is also good for thinning fine lines, evening out dark spots, eczema, razor bumps, and eliminating blemishes. Then at night, I rotate from using the black soap with a night mask once a week to give my skin an extra deep cleaning. Aside from washing my face, I do much more to keep my skin healthy, vibrant, and clear. I do this by drink water and only water, almost 4 bottles of water (around 64oz), staying active with regular exercise, and eating healthy; which means staying away from fatty foods and too much sweet.

African Black Soap

Why is all this important for applying makeup? Well, it is important to have a clear clean canvas. With all of the products putting on your face, plus dirty, and other things clogging your pores you will be more prone to breakouts, and nobody wants to get all dolled up and then the next day have horrible, red, painful acne. You don’t need to follow all the exact things of what I do to have clear skin because everyone skin and genetic makeup is different, but one thing that if important for everyone to do regardless of wearing makeup or not is to always wash your face at least twice a day, in the morning, and a night to get rid of anything that could have accumulated during the day.

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