AWS Lambda deployment right from IntelliJ

*Heads-up: Only Java

Product development → Microservices based arch. → Lots of AWS Lambdas

Old routine

Open IntelliJ
↳ Write code (AWS Lambda)
↳ Build artifacts
↳ Switch from IDE to browser
↳ Head to AWS Console and sign in (One time step)
↳ Open AWS Lambda or AWS S3 web page in console
↳ Browse to file/folder to upload your artifact to cloud and
hit save
↳ If deploying more than one lambda artifact
↳ Open another tab, open AWS console, browse artifact and
hit save
↳ Repeat last two steps for all lambdas to be deployed
↳ Switch back to IDE
↳ Continue coding
↳ <Repeat till EOD>

New routine (🌟 Improved)

Open IntelliJ
↳ Write code (AWS Lambda)
↳ Build artifact
↳ Deploy directly from IntelliJ IDE
↳ <Repeat till EOD>

In above routine, I haven’t mentioned the pain if you dealing with multiple AWS Named Profiles or AWS Organization

Demo GIF

and It’s open source ❤

GitHub link:

IntelliJ plugin repo link: