Life in one tic of second

The clock shows it’s midnight. In a simple tic of a second, one more day will be erased from the calendar, and yet the arrow that tics the seconds keep spinning, followed by the arrow of the minutes, which will be soon meeting the arrow of the hours.

The tic-tacs of the clock control everything you’re about to do today: your bed time, when you’ll have lunch, the things you’ll do during the weekend, your favorite show on TV. Every single step and all your plans for the future.

For us, it’s scary, of course. The unknown has always been a challenge for our minds. Facing things you haven’t seen before is not always easy.

It’s another day and you may think that the seconds left behind are not important to you anymore, after all, they are part of our past now. However, not everything that has passed is the past.

Imagine yourself without having lived your life the same way you’ve lived. Would you be the same without having lived the same experiences? Where would you be now? Would you be strong and mature enough to take your own decisions? Who would you have met? Who would be with you now if he or she haven’t passed away? Would you have told them what you actually feel?

Everything happened for a reason, and all of it made you who you are now. Every single decision; every single word said by the ones who passed away; every single second lived in your own way. All of it made who you are.

The seconds that have passed in your life weren’t lived in vain. The future only exists because there is a past.

Your life passes in one tic of second. Live it.