Silent Poetry

It was a cold, rainy winter morning. The mug filled with coffee was heating her hands as she walked along her house.

She was looking for poetry so she opened a few books, but nothing was attracting her eyes. She opened the newspaper, but the paper just dazed her mind with the news.

After giving up looking for poetry in words, she sat next to the window, where she could see the rain falling on the garden. The sound of the rain subtly touching the lawn; the heat of the mug in her hands; the view of her wet garden put her mind at ease.

The poetry was written right in front of her. She could feel the poetry through the heat of the mug, she could see the poetry through the window. All of it showed her so amazingly beautiful what words wouldn’t be able describe - and certainly, wouldn’t have been able to make her feel the peace she was looking for.

Poetry is all around you, you just need to see. The complexity of living our daily lives just makes it harder to find it.

Simplicity is intrinsic in harmony - which is the key for the beauty of poetry, happens to be often in front of you. You simply have to feel.