Brazil: political reflections #1

And I was thinking that polarization couldn’t get any worse.

Sweet dreams. No one represents nobody and neither himself maybe. The maneuver mass turned on itself, became pawns of the very mass of maneuver, which continues to play completely demagogic speeeches based on the pursuit of power. Acoording to Einstein, insanity is keep doing the exact same thing over and over again. In Brazil, insanity is just a mere detail.

I thought it was a good time of grief and reflection, but there are people going to the streets to celebrate. Celebrate what? Impeachment is not a victory! Making analogy with the beloved national sport: it is like to lose ugly, it is like another 7x1 rubbed on the face. I was wrong on my thoughts. This passionate attitude is a natural behavior of the brazilian people, who gave up the dialogue just for the sake of violence, whether physical or vebral (believe it or not, lawmakers were pushing and exchanging slaps before, during and after the vote).

This Impeachment is not a coup d’etat. At least not, considering the legal and constitutional point of view. But what if we look from the perspective of morality? It is a coup that has been installed in a structural way (society, chamber, senate, goverment) to end Dilma’s government? Do not know. What I know is that Dilma was democratically elected and the opposition has been unable to elect its candidate at the time of the dispute.

Today we have a government that is dying for lack of governability. The dispute does not ended when it should have and continued when Brazil most needed union, the separation was clear in all layers of society. What we have today is everyone’s fault, without discrimination. Fault of those who doesn’t know how to lost, of those who cannot give up, of those who wasn’t able to articulate and dialogue. It is also fault of a completely obsolete and bankrupted political system that doesn’t support anymore the needs of the exremely-complex brazilian people. So look, if we lose, it is not solely the fault of A, B, C, D or the rest of the alphabet, it is a general fault. And this is sad on a colossal scale.

The milk has been poured. We follow. We wake up? Cunha is able to take his place? what about Bolsonaro and the band of deputies who do not work with seriousness? Well, I do not believe in heroes and villains in real life. But if they exist, to reflect: every villain believes that is the hero of the story itself.

To be continued….

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