Yo! I am Rafa de Zelanda! Traveler, poet, buddhist, PhD student, tropical fruit lover…

Allow myself to introduce… myself.

I am Rafa de Zelanda- basically my life so far has been a series of adventures with never a penny to my name. I have been to more than 40 countries and lived in several of them (Australia, New Zealand, Guatemala, Canada, Spain, Ireland). I just kept going for what I liked and following the opportunities that came up, without money or a plan. So far it’s working out alright ;)

Joined the Guatemalan army for a day- (they gave me a rifle!) and Racing toads in Australia

My youth was in New Zealand where I was madly into playing music and acting. I played the bass guitar in jazz and rock bands. And generally showed off on stage, with or without clothes.

Rock’n roll show-off in the year 2000! (I am the kid with the red bass guitar) and modeling (like my “blue steel” look?)

Then I got really seriously into Buddhadharma (aka Buddhism) so I studied with Buddhist masters going wherever I had to to find them (best place is Canada). I also spent months at a time in meditation retreat practicing what I was taught. Basically just me in a hut in the forest sitting on my bum all day for months at a time. (Obviously no talking to people, using phones or writing on Steemit).At some point I really loosened up. I just wanted to travel, have adventures and meet amazing women. I did!!!

With beautiful girls and a beautiful moustache!

Having hit my thirties I seem to have gotten serious again. I’m finishing my PhD in chemical engineering. How heavy is that?! But then again I live 10 minutes walk from the beach in Spain, so maybe it’s not so heavy after all ;)

At work… and at play in Spain

Anyway, so what I really like is nature and travel, stand-up comedy (usually watching but about to try my first stand-up show as a performer), and I am excited about the future of blockchain technologies. Oh, and I love tropical fruits ;)

Life is so exquisitely gorgeous, messed up and mad. I am thrilled to be alive!!!

Ukelele joy in Plaza Espanya, Barcelona

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