Change Your Identity

Rafael Eliassen
Feb 12 · 2 min read

Out of a million things that need to be said, I would choose the importance of the way humans can change for the better.

The choices that you make every single day largely derive from a highly powerful force; YOUR IDENTITY. Who you believe yourself to be. But here’s the catch 22… Your identity is based on the choices you make every single day.

Confused yet?
GOOD! Let’s make it simple:

If you believe yourself to be a smoker, you are most likely to be reaching for a cigarette every single day.

However, if you believe yourself to be an artist, you are more likely to engage in some type of creative activity every single day.

Maybe you even believe that you are both, and then guess what? You are probably doing both!

So if you want to change what you do, if you want to change what your behavior is every day, and you want your decisions to be better…

Rewrite your programming, rewrite your identity and your character, because that will be the greatest catalyst for you to make a change in your life.

If you make a decision today to “try to eat healthily!”, that’s ok maybe you will, great! You did it for one day. But if you believe that you are a healthy person, you will eat healthy every day. It is not something difficult, it is not something that you need to push yourself to do. If you believe that you are strong and powerful physically, you will work out every day as it comes naturally to that identity.

When you form an identity into who you want to be, you take the actions that you want to take and you create the results that you want.

Focus on forming that identity! An easy way for you to do that is to take 5–10 minutes to write about who you currently believe yourself to be.

Maybe you believe you are over-weight and depressed, that is not really serving you! Rewrite that, who would you want to become? Write it down!

Happy? Healthy? Wealthy? Maybe you see yourself as someone who explores and goes out on adventures all the time, write that down.

Whatever it is that you want to experience in your life, start with who you are because when you change who you are your experiences change automatically.

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Rafael Eliassen

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Entrepreneurial Motivation 🌟 I help people build a business and life that they love.

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