What if everything you knew about weight loss was wrong?

“Over the past few decades, we’ve been trying harder and harder to be healthy and fit. The result: We got heavy and sick. What’s going on here? When did healthy and fit start making us heavy and sick? And why is everyone calling us lazy gluttons?”

One of my favorite things now, after 2 decades, is listening to every ones thoughts and ideas about exercise and dieting. Years ago I would immediately cut people off and correct….now I listen…not judge..listen.

If you have been in my program for a while, I have listened a little more so now I can correct on the spot, if you are new to our program, I just listen.

I find it interesting how many different ideas are out there, I find it even more fascinating how many people are just wrong, now before you hot reply and say something “like I know what works for me” or “ my sisters roommate in college did this diet and it worked” calm down.

Most of the things I here are wrong, because people say them as if they are ABSOLUTE when in fact most of it is incomplete.

My favorites are “the preachers”…these are the ones that are quick to preach how what they are doing now…(now being the key word) is the way to go.

Which diet are you on now?

It’s not just the dieters….it’s the over exercisers too

Santa Clara University calls it compulsive exercise:

“Lay people know it as compulsive exercising. The person seems addicted to his or her sport, which is often running or another intense aerobic regimen. Researchers are calling it obligatory exercise. The person feels obliged to pursue an excessive routine in spite of injuries, damaged relationships, and too much time taken off work in service of the activity”

I DISAGREE….for 2 reasons (actually more, but I’ll cover 2)

1st… If you happen to enjoy a specific fitness activity and it’s not harming you…go for it…as long as you understand my next point

2nd If you like to workout and your body is recovering fast enough, and you are not over doing it for the sake of seeing results faster…you know what I mean..you workout 2 times today cause tomorrow you can’t and somehow that adds up top you…go for it as long as you understand my next point

My next point is crucial….


and here is one of the biggest missing links…

Have you ever seen something like Woman should consume 1200–1500 calories or Men should consume 2000 calories?

Where did they get those numbers????

What does this man or woman currently weigh? What kind of lifestyle do they live? How often are they participating in an exercise program?

A 140 pound woman consuming 1200 calories is under eating!

Oh wait…I know that one just ratted a few people…specially the ones that don’t eat over 1,000 calories per day or don’t eat after 7pm

You think you are losing weight? What is weight? Muscle, fat, bones, water…all that is on the scale…not 140lbs of fat…

So let’s say you are a 140lbs woman that exercises…nothing to crazy…maybe you Spin or “group cycle”…for 60 minutes…that could burn 400–600 calories…lets say you have an active job…you walk and avg of 5,000 steps a day…hmmm that’s 3 miles, burns maybe 300–400 calories…if all you ate was 1,200 calories a day…and you burn off 600 working out and 400 at work..how is your body supposed to function at an optimal level…seriously…brain function, blood circulation, breathing…all of it burns calories…and you are leaving yourself with nothing for those things to happen…then people are surprised when they don’t lose weight…

There is NO one size fits all eating program, or exercise program…we all have different needs and goals…

But certain things are biological, and numbers don’t usually lie. Everyone has a different reaction to exercise and eating changes, understanding all of those reactions or changes requires time and lots of people…

and unless you have a deep understanding functional human biological capacity, the thermic effect of food and compound metabolic variables…why are you giving advice? or worse taking it from the lady you just met at the publix checkout line?

Changes occurs gradually, but consistently…You should experience change on a weekly basis…ask my clients…they see it all the time..

and when changes stops…we tweak…not move to a different diet.

There is a lot of misinformation about fitness and eating out there…

and my point to all this is…


That’s what really matters…I’m done with my rant…and I’ll give you a few tips you can use right now

*IT’s OK To Eat After 7pm

*You are not allergic to Breakfast, nor are you really skipping it…you just have it later…Breakfast or Meal 1 is just the 1st meal you have after you have had an extended period of rest (sleep)

*Protein, protein powders and bars are not just for men nor do they make you huge

* Lifting Heavy weight won’t instantly make you huge, stop being scared

* Fat burners are usually stimulants, the fat in your body is an energy source and requires a biological and hormonal response in order to be used

* If you under eat, you will lose some water weight, lose some muscle and eventually gain weight(fat) as a defense mechanism to prevent your body from dying

*You can eat carbs, cheat on your diet and still lose weight, burn fat and be healthy in a controlled environment.


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