Consider and Remember it!

This word has been in my heart for the last few days. Then, when I read this verse from Mark 8, it popped up to my eyes:

“Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? And don’t you remember?” Mark‬ ‭8:18‬

At that moment, Jesus was doing many miracles and the disciples saw all the work of His hands. They knew that He could do anything, but they were discussing about not having bread. Wait! Jesus just fed five thousand men with five loaves and four thousand men with seven loaves. Why were they discussing about bread?

Yes, I know that our memory is not perfect. We forget things (I really do! 😫). But, in that case the memory of Jesus’ miracles was fresh in their minds. Because of that, Jesus is asking them not only to remember but to consider what He already did! Something like “Did you forget???”

With that, Jesus teaches to:

  1. Consider what He is doing in our lives at this season. Let’s think about how He is taking care of us right know, giving His protection, love, words, guidance, etc.
  2. Remember what He did in other seasons. If you are like me and can’t remember everything, PLEASE create the routine of writing down your testimonials. In the future, you will be amazed with ALL the great things God did for you!

Consider and Remember it!

It will build your faith and help you in the present season and in the ones that are to come!

“Every moment of my life
God, You never left my side
Every valley, every storm
You were there, You were there
I don’t need to know what’s next
You’ll be with me every step
Through it all, through it all
I can see You carry me”
- You carry me, Moriah Peters