Have it all!

“You can have it all, Lord
Every part of my world
Take this life and breathe on
This heart that is now Yours”
- Have it all, Bethel Music

This song is powerful and is my lips all the time… So, that made me think: am I honest when I`m singing “You can have it all, Lord”? Can Jesus really have it all? It made me question myself if there are areas where I don`t want let it go, that I`m still trying to figure it out, making my own choices and being completely independent.

Maybe, you are like me and it is easy for you to follow the “religious rules” of DO/DON`T. In the Bible (Mark 10:17–27), for example, we can find a rich man that was really good being obedient to God`s commandments, but his heart was full with the riches of this world. His wealth turned into an idol for him and he didn`t want to leave it behind to follow Jesus and the riches of His sweet presence. Guess what? Jesus was not really asking for his money, He was asking for his heart.

Let`s take a break, breath and think about our own lives! Ask the Lord:

“Holy Spirit, what am I still holding? What is keeping me from surrender it all to You? Is it fear? Lack of faith? Selfless? I don`t want this idol anymore! You can have it all!”

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