How I realized that I could do more than I thought

I started coding when I was really young, like so many of you out there. I’m very aware that we already have enough challenges in our daily lives as it is, but I believe that the hardest one is related to how we manage our schedules.

In order to have time to focus on all of our responsibilities such as school, internships, work, independent projects, etc. We need to stay organized and plan ahead.

Up till last month, I thought I was on the right path and I was giving all I had toward my goals.… But, suddenly, I realized that sometimes our minds let us think that we’re giving everything we have when we’re not even close to our limit.

We’re able to do so much more than what we think we can

The Theory is Awesome!

The theory is awesome, right? :) But the main question here is related on how we can achieve this productive behavior. At this point in the story, I could write a bunch of theoretical tips that I copied from the internet, but instead, I’ll share an experience that I had at a program that I participated in last month.

During a regular day of my front-end developer life, I would squander my time reading my feeds on Facebook and I found a post related to this program that caught my attention. A post that promised me the opportunity to improve myself as a professional and get inside the startup world. This post was related to the Gama Experience (Gama Academy) program. After reading it, I got really excited since I’m passionate about this world of innovation.

But the first day came and I realized that I had to rethink my expectations. Some people could think that it’s an overstatement but, as they have explained:

The Gama Experience is not a course. It’s a transformation.

In addition to the technical improvement provided during these weeks, we had to be committed to improve our soft skills; skills related to creativity, communication, and teamwork. That was the most significant contribution to my career during the program.


Probably, you’re wondering — what did we do there that deserves this kind of feedback, right?

During the program, we had to accomplish a series of assignments and goals — that are both the best and worst part of these weeks — in a short period of time. So, we figured out that sometimes our product doesn’t need to be complete, beautiful and perfect; people often say that if you are developing a company’s first MVP, you must be ashamed of it, it must be as simple as possible, since you’re just validating the idea. Everything needs to be fast to keep up with the pace of the startup world. So, your product should meet the expectations of its corresponding phase of development.

These assignments also demanded that we found out and used skills that we had never imagined that we had. For instance, I had never needed to go out on the streets to try to sell a product or idea and mainly, I had never imagined that this kind of skill would be useful to me as a developer. This is what the Gama Experience gives you.

The possibility of breaking paradigms and reinventing yourself

I really recommend that you enroll in this program, or a similar one close to you, even if you already have previous tech experience, as in my case. You can make the most of it!

If you have any questions or have something to say about the Gama Experience or this story, don’t be shy! :)

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