I think you’re overcomplicating the process.

If one is investing or making a time-pressured decision, you either need the knowledge of all the facts before deciding which is gained through experience…or one can use shortcuts, like heuristics, when we cannot know everything. This one on the bright side gives decisions that ensure survival. However, the dark side is that it can lead to preconceived decisions. Well, that’s just my take.
Some people will openly challenge or question a decision made, and there are certain climates when cooperation is needed instead of dissent. Don’t get me wrong though, we need to see if the decision is right or wrong as time passes by, and there has to be a need for an open dialogue. Business leaders and managers get to decide with what they know in the now and with the past.

This response is written since today, decisionmaking is strongly associated with knowledge and future implications. We often express “This stupid decisionmaker didn’t think of this and that…they didn’t anticipate this thing…” Sometimes, they’re not in a position to know some future setbacks.

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