Internet of People will hold a speech about Blockchain and Mercury at UFMG University

You may not know it, but IoP (Internet of People) has a strong connection to education and ongoing projects with universities in different countries.

The first project in the area and that even gave rise to an Educational division in the Internet of people project, is a collaboration with the University of Nayarit in Mexico (UAN). This partnership aims to create an autonomous university community based on Blockchain using IoP as a means of payment for services throughout the campus ecosystem.

At the same time, Chapter Brasil was already moving in the same direction, ideating projects and solutions focused on academic centers and student life based on the technology of the Internet of People.

Registro Acadêmico com Internet of People E Mercury.

On 09/01/2018 Gibran Silva (Lead Developer) of IoP in Brazil will be speaking at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) at DEVDAY. The largest software development event in Minas Gerais receives annually between 500 and 700 developers looking for to update and exchange experiences in new technologies.

This lecture is the result of a work that has been developed here in Brazil in partnership with the educational group ANIMA in order to explore the advantages of the use of blockchain and the Mercury protocol in the educational institutions that are part of the group.

The Ânima group has 7 universities with more than 100 thousand students enrolled and more than 18 campuses spread throughout the country.

One of our intentions is to present new possibilities and solutions that can be implemented using blockchain and the Mercury protocol for the development of dApps by IoP, but mainly to attract and encourage students to the world of crypto-coins and to create new business models using Blockchain and IoP infrastructure as a reward and a means of exchange in university campuses through projects and hackathons that aim to create new business models and enable a P2P economy.

The university community and all technological teaching centers are of paramount importance to foster the use of blockchain and crypto-currencies as a means of exchanging services, financial incentive for student projects, rewards for merit.

Mercury for Devs:

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