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Using the same computer for both work-related and personal projects may cause you to write Git commit messages with your private email on your work projects or vice-versa. That is assuming that you configured Git with the --global flag, which applies the configs to every repo on your OS user account.

But, what if there was an easy way to separate your Git configs, whether you’re dealing with private or work repositories, accordingly? I have great news for you: if you’re using Git with, at least, version 2.13, you can have Conditional Includes.

You might be wondering:

“That’s great. But…

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I’m a big fan of automating repetitive tasks and I always try to automate everything I can. Remember the guy that automated part of his job? I try to do some similar stuff too! Imagine the following scenario: everytime that you close your MacBook Pro lid it sends a message, telling your team that you’re gone for the day. In this article, I’m going to show how to do this!

In order to send messages on Slack, you’ll need a Slack Access Token. …

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I’m currently working for the Premium team at XING and we decided to choose a feature from the new Ruby on Rails 5.2 version to try out before we migrate our apps. To get some practical experience I choose to try out new features on a personal project of mine. The website of the yearly conference that I organize, I have the need to upload some files in some of the available endpoints. After some search, and as I tend to reduce the number of external gems in my applications, I’ve come across Active Storage and decided to try it…

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Recently Hello World Conf took place, for the third time, and I decided that I should write down what I’ve learned from organizing a Tech Conf.

I’ll assume that most of you don’t know or didn’t hear about Hello World Conf so, and I’ll try to keep short, Hello World aims to be (yet another) a Tech Conf that brings some of the hottest topics at the moment alongside some of the most awesome speakers out there and, of course, our awesome participants, just because technology nowadays is advancing in a galloping rhythm. What you used last year can now…

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Nowadays we hear the word encryption in almost everywhere. But what is encryption? Well, according to Wikipedia, encryption is:

In cryptography, encryption is the process of encoding a message or information in such a way that only authorized parties can access it and those who are not authorized cannot.

In another word, this means that encryption is a method or mechanism that enables you to hide your message or data in a way that only the authorized people can access it. For instance: you want to send a message to your granny saying you love her but you don’t anyone…

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Every single one of us has, even if without knowing, used the HTTP protocol before. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have written this on Medium and, therefore, you wouldn’t be reading it.

When writing REST API’s one should ensure that it uses the standard HTTP methods. These are a great pillar to build a stable and, very important, scalable API. GET, POST, PUT… which one should I use? My answer to that is: depends on what you want to do!

When should I use each method?

The main HTTP verbs, or methods if you prefer to call them that, are:

  • GET
  • POST

You may…

Nos tempos que correm, estando rodeados pela vigilância em massa, redes de Wi-Fi publicas e inúmeras entidades que tentam roubar os nossos dados, talvez queiramos cifrar os nossos dados antes de os enviarmos pela internet.

Tal é possível recorrendo a mecanismos e ferramentas tais como o OpenSSL e AES. Sendo o AES uma cifra de bloco, considerada como standard da criptografia, e sendo o OpenSSL uma biblioteca que implementa, em formato de código aberto, os protocolos SSL e TLS e disponibiliza funcionalidades criptográficas básicas. O OpenSSL pode ser encontrado, por omissão, na maioria das implementações *NIX.

O primeiro passo é…

Hoje, mais que nunca, o nosso software tem a possibilidade de chegar a qualquer canto do mundo, como tal, devemos ter em consideração a internacionalização da aplicação que estamos a desenvolver de forma a proporcionarmos uma experiência mais agradável ao utilizador.

Em Swift uma das formas de suportar multi-linguagem nas aplicações desenvolvidas é com ficheiros *.strings. Para que seja possível adicionar mais do que uma linguagem é necessário alterar as configurações da app.

Para tal basta carregar no nome do projeto, na barra lateral, e de seguida em Info basta carregar no sinal + e escolher a linguagem pretendida. …

Estou, atualmente, a desenvolver uma API que irá alimentar uma app desenvolvida para iOS. A API está a ser desenvolvida em PHP, usando micro-framework Lumen, dos criadores da framework Laravel, podem ver mais aqui, ao passo que a app está a ser desenvolvida usando Swift, da Apple, podem ver mais aqui.

Uma das formas de fazer deploy de aplicações web nos respectivos servidores envolve a utilização de um cliente de FTP para enviar os ficheiros mais recentes para o servidor. Isto envolve sabermos quais os ficheiros que foram alterados para que possamos enviar, única e exclusivamente estes, ou, em alternativa…

ECMAScript 2015 came with a natively Promise.

The Promise object is used for asynchronous computations. A Promise represents a value which may be available now, or in the future, or never.

They eliminate some problems related with callbacks and allow us to write asynchronous code that looks and feels much like synchronous.

A Promise has 3 states:

  • pending: initial state, not fulfilled neither rejected.
  • fulfilled: meaning that the operation was completed successfully.
  • rejected: meaning that the operation has failed.

Bellow I’ll be showing examples of Promises in a Google Chrome extension I’ve developed a few months ago. I’ve used Promises

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