That moment when you commit your first code to the master branch

Last night I watched The Intern with Robert de Niro and Anne Hathaway (they were in the movie, not in my house.) It was a lovely experience, nice movie with a mature tone. I was expecting some cringe comedy, but that was certainly not the case with this one. After the movie was over, not only I felt like I had a great time with my family, but I also have learned something I could’ve used when I started working as an intern myself.

I’m not spoiling the movie, but its premise comes from the shock of generations. On one…

My fifth entry for inktober 2017

I’m currently on this crazy journey of daily writing, drawing and composing while maintaining my life as a developer. It is not easy to work on this type of routine, especially when you start everything at the same time. All of the resources I’ve read stated that it is much better to form a small habit and let it grow to create other habits. I even wrote about it already. Unfortunately, I feel like I don’t have the time to wait for one habit to grow before I move on to the next type of project. There’s a sense…

Sometimes opportunity is falsely disguised as opportunism

Day 4 inktober 2017

Part of a series of daily writings I’m doing alongside the inktober event. Enjoy some of my thoughts on different topics. Today’s original composition is


Recently, I caught myself wondering how can I improve the visibility on the projects I’m involved. How can I showcase myself as a better professional. I figured that while it is important that we connect with others through our creations, it’s difficult to find an audience when we are still learning. …

Motivation alone is not enough. We need a system and here’s a starter pack to help you build one.

Day 3 of Inktober 2017

This is part of a series of daily texts I’m writing while doing inktober. Enjoy some of my random thoughts on different topics…

This is the third day from my “suicidal” endeavor of developing multiple new habits at the same time. My goal is to write a piece of text for Medium, compose one ambient piece of music and drawing with ink for Inktober. All of this on a daily basis. Although I know a little how to write in english and draw, I still need to overcome my personal barriers if I want to form better habits. The reason…

Our permanent statements are the only thing that matters

My second drawing for #inktober2017

This is part of a series of daily texts I’m writing while doing inktober. Enjoy some of my random thoughts on different topics…

When will whatever thing we intend to do gets ready for the world to see? What is the core difference between what we think we can do and what we actually do? In the end, the most important thing is the ink we leave on the paper.

Last year, the then mixing engineer and fire extinguisher player for Pearl Jam’s debut album Ten, Tim Palmer, shared his thoughts on the production of the record and he wrote…

I’ve spent too long looking for ways to kill my creativity

My fIrst drawing for #inktober2017

I stare at the blank monitor. Just me and the words that I type. “You’ve always been able to do this, why can’t you do it daily?” It’s difficult to let the flow move from my mind to my fingers. I’m always thinking of possible corrections to make. Always thinking ahead. Thinking of what others will think. Thinking this is just going to be a monologue. Why bother doing anything?

But… does it matter that much what everyone else will wonder? Just type the words! And if nobody reads, it might be even better. …

New beginnings seem so daunting

Photograph by Ryan McGuire

Waking up tired, 7 AM already? Looking at the to-do list from the night before, there are still a few interview requests to send. Only one response from the last batch. Most of them ignored my messages. I’m not trying to sell anything, I don’t want your money, I just want to talk, I have a project to make. This new batch seems more promising, there’s a sense of optimism, the fear of rejection is gone as the day moves on. And maybe I could even start that daily project… But today is the worst day to do that.


As I was watching an interview on a TV talk show, I decided to go to bed. A feeling of misplacement kind of took over my mind as I wondered if I’d miss that later on. “Of course not, I’ll just watch it on YouTube. Somebody will certainly upload that.” Up to this point, it’s been a while since I’d thought about having to wait before we can get what we want.

I remember back in the day if we missed a TV show or a movie, and we didn’t own a VHS recorder or had a spare tape, that…

The background for A Matter of Time. Modified from Kid Chameleon

Game Jam Post Mortem

The Ludum Dare 37 surprised me with a simple, yet powerful theme that helped me get back to gamedev and work solo on art, music and gameplay. This LD was also different since it was the first time I’ve moved away from LibGDX in favor of using Unity to develop a full game from beginning to the end. This post mortem will show the walkthrough of my game progress, and the perspectives of developing a game in C# with Unity versus using Java with LibGDX, the solo experience and what should you have in mind when working on game jams.

Energy drinks, pizza, new people and the usual routine

Rafael Giordanno

Jack of All Trades. Makes music, art and games. Writes in two languages about several topics. Focus is overrated.

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