The importance of English in IT

As a computer science student from a non-English-speaking country it never ceases to amaze me the large amount of college friends and acquaintances of the technologies sector that don’t give enough value to the importance of being able to speak and write correctly in English.

A vast majority of this people stopped practicing the language right after finishing high school, thinking that their language skills are enough to succeed in the professional environment. The truth is they are probably wrong. Neither the English level that is taught in high school is sufficient nor they can maintain that level without practice.

The language of technology

No need to go far to find the first situation in which mastering the language is fundamental: software documentation. To carry out any work in the field of information technology, on which you don’t have extensive knowledge, you will find that all the information on the subject is written in English. From books to websites like Stack Overflow.

The reason why this happens is very simple: most of the resources on which we will search information are reserved for a minority of users and constantly change due to software updates. That means they have to be published in one language and there is no time to be translated before they lose their value.
That language is English.

Also at work

And it’s not only about documentation. With the current economic crisis, it is increasingly necessary to have the highest qualifications to get a job. Languages ​​are one of the most valueable knowledges when looking for a worker.

Moreover, in the current economic situation, many young people must migrate because they cannot find work in their home country. Mastering English is an open door to a world of employment opportunities.

About this blog

I guess if you’ve reached this point it is because you have a certain level of English and because you value the subject here treated. The aim of this blog is, in first place, to practice and improve the language but also to learn by publishing about the subjects that I am more interested in (especially design and user experience). Thank you for reading this post, feel free to point out any mistakes that I may have made. See you soon,

Rafael González Martín