Rafa'$ Ramblings #6

Your Daily Transfer Rumor Analysis

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After two disappointing days for rumors we're back to some interesting ones.

1. Manchester United made a 30m bid for Fàbregas [Sky Sports/BBC - England]

Rumor of the day, after missing out on Thiago Alcântara Manchester United turn their focus to another Barcelona midfielder with a bid widely reported by the media, especially Sky Sports and BBC Sport.

The player said multiple times he doesn't want to depart, expressing a deep desire to prove himself at his boyhood club.

After selling him to Barcelona back in 2011, Arsenal included some clauses in Fàbregas contract:

  • Arsenal has a 30m euros first refusal if Barcelona wants to sell, meaning that Arsenal has to refuse to buy him back first if another club is interested.
  • Arsenal has rights over 50% of the profit made by the excess of original transfer fee (30m euros) if sold to another club. It's called sell on clause.

At first, looks like a transfer to Manchester United is impossible, because Arsenal would use their first refusal if Barcelona wanted to sell. If Fàbregas wants to move to Manchester the clause on his contract can't force him to sign with Arsenal, so the transfer is extremely unlikely, but it's impossible anymore. Back in 2011 Fàbregas openly admitted after signing with Barcelona he watch most of Manchester United matches, just something to take into consideration.

Selling Fàbregas is a stupid move even by the Sandro Rosell, losing money in the process and enraging the entire supporter base again after the Thiago fiasco.

Likelihood: 10%

2. Barcelona ready to bid 18m for Mathieu Valbuena [Football365 - England]

Last summer the frenchman was linked with Barcelona a few times to no avail. Now the reports returned shortly after the players agent mentioned talking with Sports Director Zubizarreta, linking him with the Catalans again and making it more susceptible to rumors now that Thiago left the club.

The midfielder is a good player, responsible for the most assists in Ligue 1 last season (12), but his age of 28 seem to defeat the purpose of a Thiago replacement, especially because the reports in Spain are clear that Sergi Roberto will fill the gap on Barcelona's midfield.

The transfer fee isn't friendly either and 18m euros is too much for a backup. The agent might've been using the possible interest as bargaining chip for a better contract with Olympique Marseille.

Likelihood: 20%

3. Manchester City will announce Jovetic soon [Sky Italy]

Reports on Manchester United, Chelsea and Juventus died, now the press links Jovetic with Manchester City, he shares the same agent with Nastásic and Fiorentina prefers to sell to a foreign team than strengthening Juventus, should be announced soon.

Likelihood: 80%

4. Liverpool interested in Xherdan Shaqiri [Metro - England]

Reports on Bayern Munich midfielders receiving offers will be a trend until the window closes, bringing Gotze started it and now Thiago serves as the definitive trigger for the press to question which players will leave. It's appealing to the people read that their clubs are interested in players that participated on a treble winning season, prepare yourself.

Shaqiri was being played as a midfielder by Jupp Heynckes in lesser games and he was mainly used as a winger in a similar way to Ribéry, breaking defensive lines and assisting goals. The Switzerland International is a valuable asset to the club's future being only 21 years old. German outlets mention Shaqiri has impressed Guardiola with a tremendous work rate and by watching the friendlies the Bavarians played it's clear he won't leave anytime soon being that versatile.

Likelihood: 30%

5. PSG is interested on Branislav Ivanovic [Daily Mirror]

Reports insisting that Chelsea will sell defenders won't stop anytime soon, suggesting their quality at the back could generate some discontent and the press will keep speculating. The article in the Daily Mirror mentions a 8m euros offer for the versatile defender, the club would never consider a measly amount of money for an essential player on Champions League and Europa League winning campaigns.

Likelihood: 0%

6. Tottenham is willing to offer £20 million for Benteke [Daily Star - England]

After submitting a transfer request we're going to see even more rumors regarding the Belgian striker this summer, a impressive campaign that saved his current club showed Villa doesn't match what he wants for his career. Linking Benteke to a club that's desperate for a world class striker after missing out on Champions League qualification is a product of common sense, especially after the player's agent dismissed the possibility of signing with Chelsea, for now.

Likelihood: 60%