Steve rocking his NFT-shirt on the NYC subway

2021 has been a crazy year for NFTs, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing!

Earlier this month, Charged Particles’ Head of Marketing Steve Neigut rocked up to NFT NYC wearing a t-shirt that was earning interest on his back. And sold it for 4.5 ETH!

Wait, what?! Let’s back up….

The t-shirt he was wearing was linked to an NFT created on Charged Particles…

Celebrating our launch on Polygon with a collaborative artistic event to ‘Light the L2 Torch’ — Starting August 18th

tl;dr Pass the Particle kicks off in our Clubhouse on August 18th. Our community of artists will nest a Particle (NFT) within a Particle within a Particle… The resulting collaborative ‘Russian Doll NFT ’ will be auctioned for charity.

We’re Live on L2!

That’s right — after intense development effort, we’re thrilled to have…

Rafael Hoekstra

Long on crypto, short on sleep, writer on Medium

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