Why I’m Not Watching The Olympic Games
Crystal A. deGregory, PhD

Dear Crystal, I am a Basilian, and I descend from Italians, Portuguese an Brasilian natives. I am also a Phd in mathematics from The University of Californis at Berkeley. I lived in Berleley for seven years, include a post grad. I started to understand about racism at the States (no offence intended). And then, I came back to Brasil, and realized that there is racism in Brasil. The point is that the two kinds are different. Here, in Brasil, it is mostly social. But therin lies the hub, Black people are usually poorer than white people. But a black middle class is growing. And here are strict laws about segregation, and/or racism, which are enforced in full. The problem is that blacks and whites, except for some bastards (if you forgive my french) have nothing against one another. The police, unlike in the USA, kill indiscriminately: black or white, Not like in the states that they kill a black person every week. So, coming back to the Olympics, pity you missed it. Because we are experts in parties. We are a happy people, believe it or not, at least in Rio, And our best quality, according to the Economist, is to throw a hell of a good party. But we also know how to care of ourselves.

With all my respect for you and the USA (which I love). And love for you. Write if you wish. Rafael.

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