Rafael Jovet-Ramos — Becoming a Good Leader in the Community

The age old debate over whether leaders are born or nurtured is one that stirs up the debate. Regardless of which side you take on this matter, it’s important to acknowledge that there are certain traits that leaders should possess to enable them to accomplish their roles in society. As a leader both at work and in the Spring Lake (NC) martial arts community, Rafael Jovet-Ramos strives to embody the following traits.


It’s one of the pillars of leadership. No follower is willing to be associated with a leader whose actions and words don’t match up. A leader should practice what they teach and live an honest life. By doing so, they earn the right to lead others. True leadership authority is nurtured by the respect people have for the leader’s positive character.

Passion and dedication

A good leader is passionate about what they do. For Rafael Jovet-Ramos, this passion has been about martial arts. He’s developed his passion into an occupation, and since retiring from the US Army, he’s become a professional instructor who teaches multi-cultural populations.


Good leaders are confident of themselves and the direction they want to follow. They are also not afraid of the responsibilities placed on their shoulders. Such people inspire others through this inner confidence, as it helps draw the best out of the team towards achieving the goals set for themselves.

Rafael Jovet-Ramos is the Head Instructor at Gracie Barra Spring Lake in North Carolina. He is accountable for leading and motivating the Instructor’s going through the Instructor Certification Program.

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