Rafael Jovet-Ramos — How Martial Arts Helps Prevent Bullying

For children who are victims of bullying, playing outside with friends or going to school are situations that invoke fear and anxiety rather than excitement. In recent years, martial arts has been proposed as a way of helping children deal with bullying. As a certified martial arts instructor, Rafael Jovet-Ramos appreciates the role that self-defense training can have on developing a child’s self-confidence.

The following are a few ways through which martial arts helps children develop the skills and attitude required to deal with bullies.

Role playing situations

For similar reasons you role-play some of the questions you expect in a job interview, training martial arts provides children with various role-playing situations that they can learn from. When practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, children are role-playing self-defense situations that they can recall when they occur in real life. When such a child finds themselves in a difficult situation, they will have the self-confidence to handle it.

Learn how to exude confidence

Martial arts teach students how to confidence by showing them how to control their body language and communicate in a confident manner. The calm breathing techniques help a child to maintain calm composure in threatening situations while maintaining correct posture prepares them for any movement.

Learn self-defense

While most self-defense schools don’t advocate the use of violence, helping children gain those skills provides them a level of comfort. Besides learning how to employ various self-defense skills, children learn the life skills that will help them navigate life.

Rafael Jovet-Ramos is a disciplined martial arts professional with over 15 years of extensive experience.

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