Rafael Jovet-Ramos — The Impact of Boy Scouts in Adult Life

Many boys join the Boy Scouts of America as an eager Cub Scout, looking forward to fun outings, spending time with friends and the chance to try activities. While the focus on fun is a great way to engage these young scouts, the involvement in scouting can also have benefits to kids as they grow into their adult lives. As a volunteer for Boy Scouts of America, Rafael Jovet-Ramos sees firsthand the positive impact of scouting.
The opportunities that scouting provides go beyond shaping children while they are young, as many adults who were involved in scouting still feel the impact of the mottos they were taught as children. Harris Interactive conducted a study in 2005 that determined that 83 percent of men who were scouts believed that the values they learned were still important to them as adults. Of those who stayed with scouting for more than five years, 87 percent agreed that their experience contributed to their self-confidence at work.
The study also found that 83 percent polled have found themselves in real life situations where their scouting background contributed to them a better leader. And half of those in the study credit their time in scouting as having a positive effect on their professional lives, both in advancement and development.
In addition to volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America, Rafael Jovet-Ramos is the Program Director for Rafael Family Mixed Martial Arts Academy with over 15 years of experience as a martial arts professional.
Rafael Jovet-Ramos Boy Scouts Opportunities

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